Heads Not In The Game


Today was the first away game that we have had to get to during the work week, and it showed. Carter forgot his bag at home and so Greg and he were late for the game, which meant no warm up time.

The theme spread into the fans as my head was definitely not in the game either. I barely paid attention and felt out of sorts. I was not focused on watching the kids play as my head was still at work and on my nails. I desperately needed a nail file for two nails that had somehow chipped. And so baseball was just something going on in the background today.

My energy must have been affecting Carter because he did not have a very good game. He missed some ground balls, was not taking direction on the mound, talking back to Greg and then over extended a throw and stretched a muscle.

Just glad we made it through and hoping for a better day/game later this week. Maybe tomorrow’s T-ball game will turn the luck around for us….in terms of baseball.



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