Always learning…

I learned a new rule today that if the catcher is on base and there are two outs, a pinch runner can be put in his place. I know you’re impressed with my breadth of baseball knowledge (or lack thereof).


Carter pitched today and while I am always so proud to see him pitch, I am always worried that he’s going to hurt his arm at such a young age. But every time he takes the mound he never ceases to amaze me. He gets on the mound with deep concentration, takes a deep breath, eyes his target, sets his stance and releases.  He really did fantastic today!

And finally, when Carter made the team this year, I thought I would have my husband to sit with, cheer with and offer commentary with because since the boys have started baseball he’s always coached in some type of capacity.  I thought that since this was a team that the coaches were already in place, I would get to enjoy watching the game with my husband a bit more. But….once a coach….always a coach.





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