The Last Resort…

One of my least favorite things at the fields are…the Porta-Jons. The game was going so smoothly.  Greg got Carter to the game early for warm-ups, Chase was cooperating during pick-up and I was organized enough to have a packed dinner for him. I arrived at the game and the team was doing great!  Everyone was a hitter and the kids were fielding the ball without issue. Chase was eating his food and playing some games on my phone when the inevitable happened…he needed to use the restroom.


The field was on the edge of a woods, so naturally I looked to see if there was an inconspicuous spot for him to go, but he whispered that he had to do some other business. The first thought through my head was “Oh no! The Porta-Jon!”.

We started walking towards the “green monster” and keep in mind, it had been an 88 degree day and there was only ONE with three busy baseball fields. This was not going to be good.  Without going into detail, the moment he entered he decided for himself that the odor was too much and ended up bailing out and would wait. They are a necessity in some cases but I try my best not to use them for the same reason.

The day ended up with a win for the Colts and a trip to DQ to enjoy the victory.



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