Inquiring Minds…


As we arrived at game 2 of the tournament, Greg and Carter went to warm up. I set our stuff down waiting to find out what side we would be on. I was standing at the bleachers waiting for the other game to finish up and a Dad from the opposing team we were about to play came to talk to the other parents of the team that was currently playing to see if they had played our team. He was trying to get the run down of how good we were. “Hey have you played the Colts yet? I’m trying to find out if they are any good. I’ve heard they’re an easy team.” Hearing this conversation irked me a bit, so of course I was hoping that we would beat this team.

Unfortunately our team did not bring their A-game today. There were plenty of errors, I did learn today that if the batter hits the ball and if he steps on home base he is automatically out and other runners can’t advance. This happened today for the opposing team in our favor. I will have to give props to the umpire for catching that play!

Finally, I noticed today that there was a large amount of spectators as well as players chewing sunflower seeds and spitting them out. I would say that 2 out of 4 people were doing it. I literally went to the other side of the field to take pictures and it seemed like it was raining sunflower seeds around me. I was a bit grossed out.

Back tomorrow for another game.


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