Positive Thoughts Please


I guess this weekend was my time to discover the “Non-positive” cheering Mom. The woman you see seated in the blue chair was one of the worst parents I’ve come across so far in my Sports Mom time. I’m realistic. I know I’m going to encounter more and I’m sure it’s going to get worse. But for such a young team I was surprised to hear this type of negative “cheering” from a Mom. I thought I would hear it from a Dad first. (No offense to you wonderful Dad’s out there) but typically I think the Dad’s are usually more competitive.

Anyway, this Mom was making my blood boil and my palms sweat. The game was a pretty close game the entire time, but when I cheer for my boys I try to cheer positive cheers. For example, “Come on Colts! Let’s Go! You can do it!, etc.” But when Carter and some of the other boys got up to bat during this game, she was yelling to the pitcher “Come on he can’t hit off you! Strike him out! He can’t hit!” I’m shaking just replaying the day in my head!

If you are a parent of a YOUNG player, think about how you’re cheering for your team. I know games get intense but these kids are just starting out. Don’t take the love of the game from them by negative cheering.

Unfortunately the Colts lost 9 to 6. I was hoping for us to pull out a win just because of the way this Mom was cheering but what can you do? In the long run I hope our team will be a better team because of it and maybe I’ll be a better Mom because of it too.


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