From T-Ball to Coach Pitch


Today we moved from T-ball to coach pitch games, which made our long games even longer. Again, I forgot to put sunscreen on, so I’m getting a pretty sexy baseball tan (mostly a burn).

The kids seemed excited to try and hit from pitches vs. off the tee. A few of the kids actually hit from the pitches but after three pitches if the kids didn’t hit from the pitch they still had a chance to hit from the tee. In the field, you can see quite a different range of kids:

1) The kid that plays in the dirt or picks flowers or just lays down.

2) The kid that stands in the field and just watches the ball go by.

3) The kid that wants to play so badly he’s running to every position in the field.

4) And finally, the kid that is really good at catching the ball and has an idea where the play is happening.

Chase probably falls somewhere between three and four. He actually was pretty active out in the field today which was great to see that he’s progressing. Still a fun day at the field.



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