Don’t Fence Me In


It was a hot…wait…a cold day in June for a baseball game. All of us parents were in the bleachers with coats and blankets. Seriously…it’s June.

It was just me today at the game. Greg was with Chase coaching his T-ball game so I was the designated cheerleader for Carter. The team was off to a great start. They were fielding well and getting some hits. It was a pretty exciting and close game the entire time.

But in baseball you know there’s always those opportunities for foul balls where you hear everyone yell, “Heads Up!”. Today there was an abundance of these. So in one way, “Thank goodness for the fences.” But from the amamteur Mom photograher who wants to get that money shot of your kid making that incredible play….the fence sucks. In this day and age of hi-tech cameras, you’d think there would be a way to take that fencing out of the way of your photo.

Unforthunately after a great rally in the 5th inning, them team lost 10-7 but maybe I just found my next idea to make my millions, now I just need to find the technical person to make it come to fruition.


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