Nervous Nellys


If you have a child in sports and have attended sporting events, than you know that not only as the child gets older and the sport gets more and more competitive the stress level of the parent goes up, because we all want our kids to do well in any activity that they do.

I’ve started noticing how differently parents deal with stress.

The Pacer – The pacer parent paces during the entire game and cannot sit down in the bleachers. The will move fluidly from the fence behind home plate to the bleachers to the edge of the dugout.

The Nervous Eater – The nervous eater will snack and munch the entire game on everything from sunflower seeds to popcorn. Infact, the crucnhier the better.

The Tounge-Biter – The tounge-biter is the parent that stops cheering and sits quietly and doesn’t say a word.

The Chatty-Cathy – The Chatty Cathy is the parent that gets so nervous from the stress of the game they just keep talking and cheering to try and calm themselves to anyone that will listen to them,

Who would have thought that there was a whole another world of intriguing things to observe off the field as there is on the field. I’m a blend of all of them at one point or another. Are you one of these or one I haven’t listed?


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