Would You Like Fries With That?


Since our city hosted the tournament this past weekend, all parents of players had to sign-up for concession stand duty,  So on top of going to the games, the parents had to carve out two-hour time slots to work the concesssion stand.  I have to be honest, I was dreading doing this. I was having flashblacks to my college days when I was serving up wings and slinging drinks. I remember the long nights of going home smelling like fried food and stale beer. But I was in my early 20’s then and not old and cranky like I am now.

So at 8:00 when the game was over, I parted ways with my family who got to go home and I headed towards the concession stand not sure what to expect. I have to admit when I arrived for my shift, the day seemed to be winding down and some of the food was already gone and there actually seemed to be a liveliness in the concession stand with the other parents. But then they all filtered out except for three of us, while some teenagers flowed in to help in the same shift. Apparently, some parents bribed or punished (however you want to see it) their older kids with their shifts. But to my surprise, these kids actually wanted to be there and they were having fun doing it. I guess they haven’t been tainted by the world as I have. All kidding aside, I was actually relaxed and having a fine time as well.

The two other parents and myself busied ourselves with cleaning up the food prep areas and just hung back and let the teenagers work…not a bad deal. I would suggest that the model worked so well that maybe the organization should consider having two shift captains that are parents and let the teenagers have the fun of working the window.

Things I learned from working the concession stand:

1) People seem to love blue Gatorade – that was selling like crazy during my shift.

2) Shredded Chicken CAN come in a can.

3) Don’t wear flip flops. Your feet will be nasty when you leave.

4) Have a calculator with you if you are slow at math and working the window…Yes, I need a calculator.


5) Get a degree…working fast food is not a career!


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