Lost in Translation


I have learned a whole gamet of new lingo this year. Before baseball, this is what I would have thought these terms would have meant:

  • Nice Cut – Pre-baseball Mom hearing this I would have thought that was someone was telling them that they had a nice haircut. Now I understand that even though they may have missed hitting the ball it was a nice swing.
  • Good Rip – Pre-baseball Mom this would be giving someone props for a good explosion of passed gas, Now I know it’s a good hit.
  • Give it a ride – Pre-baseball Mom – Literally drive someone or something where they need to go. Let the record be set straight that it means hit the ball hard and send it to the outfiled.
  • Lots of green with your name on it – Pre-baseball Mom I would think that this would be golf lingo. Now I  know it is another term for hit the ball to the outfield.
  • Nothing past you – Pre-baseball Mom this is a term that is more sarcastic meaning that you are pointing out the obvious. In baseball it means don’t let any balls past you, catch everything.

I’m sure there are more and more terms out there that I will learn as the years go by.  Drop me a comment with any additional terms you have heard that would fit.


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