A Team Effort


Yea,..it was a playing in the dirt kind of day. Chase had a game today that was going well, but for five and six year olds, if there’s not much action the kids lose focus pretty fast. It’s like a band of celebrity divas that need five to six handlers to keep them on schedule. 

Parent One – Is the head coach that is pitching the balls and working with the line-up, the batting stances and the teaching of the game.

Parent Two – Is the assistant coach that stands out in the outfiled with the team while they’re in the field to help teach them how to field the ball. When the team is at bat the assistant coach will stand at first base to help guide them whether to run or stop.

Parent Three – Will help coach third base.

Parent Four – Will help keep the kids in line-up order when they are batting and help ready the kids that will need equipment when the team is out in the field, like getting the catcher gear on and the pitcher helmut on (only for T-ball and coach pitch players).

Parent Five – Will help keep the kids in order and from running away from the bench.

Lots of people are needed to keep this age group together.

Typically the games have been going about three innings, but today the opposing team’s coach opted to go a fourth inning. As much as I enjoy cheering for Chase and his games, I was a little disenchanted with sitting through another inning of kids playing in the dirt, crying because they got out and scrambling to find the ball and get it to first. The season is almost over and I can tell I’m hitting a limit where I need a break from the field for a bit. I think I have a layer of field dirt coated on my hair and skin that even after showering I feel like it is still there and is now a part of my DNA. But I think it’s something I’m going to have to get used to as I think baseball will be a big part of my life for the next 10 – 15 years,


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