The Monday Blahs

Mondays have proven not to be good game days for us. There were a few snafus throughout the day but I was taking them in stride (at least for awhile).

Snafu 1 – After dropping Carter off in the morning and heading to work, I realized I hadn’t packed his belt for his uniform. But no worries for me, I just drove home at lunch, got the belt and headed back to work. What’s $3.97 a gallon for gas anyway, right? …Deep breath all is fine.

Snafu 2 – Greg and I did pretty good planning for the game.  Snacks were packed so we didn’t have to stop at McDonald’s and so that Chase wouldn’t complain the whole game about how hungry he was. We carpooled today, to save on gas (which I nullified when driving home at lunch for a belt) and so that we could get to the field together and at the same time.  As we arrived at the field, there were no cars and both fields were empty (did I mention the place was a little shady looking?). We started to check our phones to make sure we had the right date and location (blood pressure beginning to rise) when we spotted the coaches wife waving us down. The game had changed locations. Seriously? How about using technology to let us know (directed at the opposing coach).  Now on to field two. Glad we worked so hard to get out of work a bit early to make sure we would be on time for the game. …A little stressed but still remaining calm…

Snafu 3 – We arrive at the second field (still hard to find from the road) and discover there are no bathrooms within close range. Freaking out a little…The only one that I spotted was at least two football fields away. So I guess if nature called it would be a carefully balanced and hidden “jungle pee”. This is not easy for a 41 year old woman. Thankfully nature did not call.


The team was doing well the first couple of innings and then everything seemed to go downhill from there. From the umpire calling really bad calls (seriously the guy needed glasses), the team making simple errors to the bugs from the forest behind us being incredibly…well…”buggy”. It just seemed like the evening was not recovering, except for the comedic antics of a fellow baseball parent. Stephanie was keeping us laughing during an otherwise less than stellar game. Thank you Stephanie for keeping the mood light on a night we needed it!  It took our mind off of the crappy calls from the ‘blue’.






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