A Moment In Time…


After another long weekend of baseball, we have come to the end of an era of one. As a family we are now done with T-ball. Chase finished up his T-ball tenure with a line drive down third. It was such a happy yet sad moment. Happy to see Chase play a great game and have fun doing it and sad because that means he’s getting older and moments we can never get back.

As a mother I struggle everyday with the happiness of seeing them grow older, learn new things and make new strides and with the sadness of seeing them grow older and hoping that I am spending enough time with them, teaching them the right things and giving them the opportunities I didn’t have.

One thing that warmed my heart as we were riding home after Chase’s last T-ball game was as Chase sat in his car seat with his trophy on his lap, he looked at me and said, “Look Mom, now I have a big trophy just like Carter’s.” He really does look up to his big brother and I’m so glad that Chase has a great big brother to look up to.

I look forward to all of their new life adventures and I hope that these moments will remain with them as they will always remain with Greg and I.


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