No More Drama

This past July 4th we spent our whole holiday weekend at the baseball fields. We thought we would be able to squeeze in at least one cook-out with friends to celebrate the holiday but just about two weeks prior to the tournament, we found out that was not going to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching the games and chatting with the other baseball parents but I miss our friends. The pro to all of it was that the tournament raised money for Make a Wish Foundation and will be sending a local boy to Hawaii to see Pearl Harbor. The opening ceremony was very powerful and really put a lot of things in perspective but I can’t help but wonder if the turnout would have been that much more if the ceremony could have been held earlier that day or the following morning, rather than the evening of July 4th.


The weather didn’t fare so well for the 4 day tournament. The games were rained out on Friday. On Saturday, there was a lot of rain delays making our time at the field even longer.  The day started early with a small break for lunch and then back to the field for game #2 but as we arrived, the sky opened up and it started to rain again. Three hours later we were finally able to start game #2.  We ended up with a tie.

Sunday was our last game for this tournament and the season. We ended with a win but not without a lot of drama to reflect on from the season. This is where I am struggling a bit with what exactly I want to write knowing that it will be out in the digital world forever once I publish it. The world of kids sports has really changed this past season. No longer is it laid back rec league but super competitive travel league. Sometimes I think the parents are more competitive than the kids and sometimes I’m not sure if I have somehow been slipped a little bit of the “Kool-aid” to where I get wrapped up in all the “politics”.

Every parent wants their kid to be the best and get a lot of playing time but sometimes that can’t happen. No matter what team you are on, there will always be those three to four kids that will be the “stand out” players.  Every parent will be biased with their kid’s abilities and believe their kid is the “best” or “2nd best”. We have had sad and frustrated parents saying, “I don’t understand…My son was the star on his old team and now he barely gets played.”  Then there’s the combative parents that will yell and threaten the coach (that’s a story for another time).  Then all the way to a parent that has let his son quit the team.

Do I agree with some of the coaches decisions and strategies?  No, but I try to sit back and let the coach “coach”.

But after a long season I am glad to be done with the drama (for now). As soon as a new season rolls around I’m sure it will all start again.

Stay tuned as Fall ball is just around the corner and I’m sure there’s more stories from the bleachers to be told!



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