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No More Drama

This past July 4th we spent our whole holiday weekend at the baseball fields. We thought we would be able to squeeze in at least one cook-out with friends to celebrate the holiday but just about two weeks prior to the tournament, we found out that was not going to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching the games and chatting with the other baseball parents but I miss our friends. The pro to all of it was that the tournament raised money for Make a Wish Foundation and will be sending a local boy to Hawaii to see Pearl Harbor. The opening ceremony was very powerful and really put a lot of things in perspective but I can’t help but wonder if the turnout would have been that much more if the ceremony could have been held earlier that day or the following morning, rather than the evening of July 4th. Continue reading


The End is Near…

The season is coming to a close and I’m finding it hard to come up with some inspiration on what to write. The parents are tired, the coaches are tired, we’re all filled with field grime and I’m taking the lazy way out and doing a picture blog from this weekends games.

DSC_0070 Continue reading

A Moment In Time…


After another long weekend of baseball, we have come to the end of an era of one. As a family we are now done with T-ball. Chase finished up his T-ball tenure with a line drive down third. It was such a happy yet sad moment. Happy to see Chase play a great game and have fun doing it and sad because that means he’s getting older and moments we can never get back. Continue reading

Walk off fashion…


Incredible! Is all I have to say about last nights game. It was off to a slow start and at the top of the fourth inning we were down 13 – 6. The boys’ heads were hanging low and emotions were running high. And then all of a sudden out of nowhere, the kids seemed to wake up and get into the game.

In the 5th inning we started coming back and were only losing 13-10.  The game was getting exciting and the bleachers were starting to erupt with cheers! The team was rallying! Continue reading

The Monday Blahs

Mondays have proven not to be good game days for us. There were a few snafus throughout the day but I was taking them in stride (at least for awhile).

Snafu 1 – After dropping Carter off in the morning and heading to work, I realized I hadn’t packed his belt for his uniform. But no worries for me, I just drove home at lunch, got the belt and headed back to work. What’s $3.97 a gallon for gas anyway, right? …Deep breath all is fine. Continue reading

Homerun Hitter


Proud Mama tonight! Carter was a Homerun Hitter. In fact, the entire team did great. Everyone was fielding great and everyone was hitting. Carter played third base and had some great plays. One play, the runner stepped off the bag before the umpire called time and Carter, thinking fast, tagged him with the ball.

My Dad and Grandmother attended the game tonight and I was able to teach my Dad some rules of the game. Yes, I am now capable of teaching others some things about baseball!  My Dad is more of a music guy rather than a sports guy so thanks to learning some rules this year from Saundra Swearingen, I was able to teach my Dad.

It was an amazing night for baseball! Can’t wait for the next game!