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The Monday Blahs

Mondays have proven not to be good game days for us. There were a few snafus throughout the day but I was taking them in stride (at least for awhile).

Snafu 1 – After dropping Carter off in the morning and heading to work, I realized I hadn’t packed his belt for his uniform. But no worries for me, I just drove home at lunch, got the belt and headed back to work. What’s $3.97 a gallon for gas anyway, right? …Deep breath all is fine. Continue reading


The Last Resort…

One of my least favorite things at the fields are…the Porta-Jons. The game was going so smoothly.  Greg got Carter to the game early for warm-ups, Chase was cooperating during pick-up and I was organized enough to have a packed dinner for him. I arrived at the game and the team was doing great!  Everyone was a hitter and the kids were fielding the ball without issue. Chase was eating his food and playing some games on my phone when the inevitable happened…he needed to use the restroom.


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