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No More Drama

This past July 4th we spent our whole holiday weekend at the baseball fields. We thought we would be able to squeeze in at least one cook-out with friends to celebrate the holiday but just about two weeks prior to the tournament, we found out that was not going to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching the games and chatting with the other baseball parents but I miss our friends. The pro to all of it was that the tournament raised money for Make a Wish Foundation and will be sending a local boy to Hawaii to see Pearl Harbor. The opening ceremony was very powerful and really put a lot of things in perspective but I can’t help but wonder if the turnout would have been that much more if the ceremony could have been held earlier that day or the following morning, rather than the evening of July 4th. Continue reading


Positive Thoughts Please


I guess this weekend was my time to discover the “Non-positive” cheering Mom. The woman you see seated in the blue chair was one of the worst parents I’ve come across so far in my Sports Mom time. I’m realistic. I know I’m going to encounter more and I’m sure it’s going to get worse. But for such a young team I was surprised to hear this type of negative “cheering” from a Mom. I thought I would hear it from a Dad first. (No offense to you wonderful Dad’s out there) but typically I think the Dad’s are usually more competitive. Continue reading

Road Trip!


Today was a Mom and Carter road trip to a double-header game about an hour and a half away. Greg and Chase couldn’t go because of a scheduled t-ball game for Chase. I was bummed that I couldn’t see Chase play but I also was looking forward to some time with just Carter.

On our car trip up we were jamming to some late 80’s and early 90’s music like; Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, Joy and Pain by Rob Base and more. I was having lots of fun delivering my best car dancing moves. But Carter was NOT impressed. I kept getting the eye roll with the “Stop Mom! You’re so embarrassing.”

Continue reading

Always learning…

I learned a new rule today that if the catcher is on base and there are two outs, a pinch runner can be put in his place. I know you’re impressed with my breadth of baseball knowledge (or lack thereof).


Carter pitched today and while I am always so proud to see him pitch, I am always worried that he’s going to hurt his arm at such a young age. But every time he takes the mound he never ceases to amaze me. He gets on the mound with deep concentration, takes a deep breath, eyes his target, sets his stance and releases.  He really did fantastic today! Continue reading

Game Cancelled

Rain outs are always a little bitter sweet. A Mom is always busy…between work, home, laundry, activities you barely have time for bathroom breaks (This is nothing new to Moms). So last night when my youngest’s tee-ball game was cancelled due to weather, part of me was disappointed and yet another part of me was “Yeah! I can get some laundry done tonight!”

But one thing is for sure I’m looking forward to finally seeing my youngest play.