Lost in Translation


I have learned a whole gamet of new lingo this year. Before baseball, this is what I would have thought these terms would have meant: Continue reading


Would You Like Fries With That?


Since our city hosted the tournament this past weekend, all parents of players had to sign-up for concession stand duty,  So on top of going to the games, the parents had to carve out two-hour time slots to work the concesssion stand.  I have to be honest, I was dreading doing this. I was having flashblacks to my college days when I was serving up wings and slinging drinks. I remember the long nights of going home smelling like fried food and stale beer. But I was in my early 20’s then and not old and cranky like I am now. Continue reading

Nervous Nellys


If you have a child in sports and have attended sporting events, than you know that not only as the child gets older and the sport gets more and more competitive the stress level of the parent goes up, because we all want our kids to do well in any activity that they do.

I’ve started noticing how differently parents deal with stress. Continue reading

In the Birdcage


You know you can’t escape the day you’re having when you walk up to a set of bleachers that makes you think you’re in a birdcage. That’s exactly how I felt when I walked up to today’s game, I’m a caged bird.

They day just got progressively worse with each moment.  Like a bird trying to escape from it’s cage I was stuck in my crappy day, It extended from work into the game and all the way home. It all started with Chase having an accident in his bed. At work, everyone seemed to be having a typical Monday and taking it out on each other. Left work on time, but still showed up late to the game and missed the Colts first round of batting. The kids just didn’t seem excited to be playing and to be honest, I was not into cheering them on as much as I usually do. I was frustrated about not being included on an email for concession stand volunteers for an upcoming tournament for which I am now the last shift on Saturday night and I have to do it by myself because my husband is “coaching”. So much for a team effort. The team lost 11-1 and on the way home I inadvertently cut someone off, for which I was given a guilt trip by my husband.

So now I’m home trying to write this blog without coming off too much as a whiner. I don’t think I succeeded. Here’s to a better day tomorrow!


From T-Ball to Coach Pitch


Today we moved from T-ball to coach pitch games, which made our long games even longer. Again, I forgot to put sunscreen on, so I’m getting a pretty sexy baseball tan (mostly a burn).

The kids seemed excited to try and hit from pitches vs. off the tee. A few of the kids actually hit from the pitches but after three pitches if the kids didn’t hit from the pitch they still had a chance to hit from the tee. In the field, you can see quite a different range of kids:

1) The kid that plays in the dirt or picks flowers or just lays down.

2) The kid that stands in the field and just watches the ball go by.

3) The kid that wants to play so badly he’s running to every position in the field.

4) And finally, the kid that is really good at catching the ball and has an idea where the play is happening.

Chase probably falls somewhere between three and four. He actually was pretty active out in the field today which was great to see that he’s progressing. Still a fun day at the field.