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No More Drama

This past July 4th we spent our whole holiday weekend at the baseball fields. We thought we would be able to squeeze in at least one cook-out with friends to celebrate the holiday but just about two weeks prior to the tournament, we found out that was not going to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching the games and chatting with the other baseball parents but I miss our friends. The pro to all of it was that the tournament raised money for Make a Wish Foundation and will be sending a local boy to Hawaii to see Pearl Harbor. The opening ceremony was very powerful and really put a lot of things in perspective but I can’t help but wonder if the turnout would have been that much more if the ceremony could have been held earlier that day or the following morning, rather than the evening of July 4th. Continue reading


Inquiring Minds…


As we arrived at game 2 of the tournament, Greg and Carter went to warm up. I set our stuff down waiting to find out what side we would be on. I was standing at the bleachers waiting for the other game to finish up and a Dad from the opposing team we were about to play came to talk to the other parents of the team that was currently playing to see if they had played our team. He was trying to get the run down of how good we were. “Hey have you played the Colts yet? I’m trying to find out if they are any good. I’ve heard they’re an easy team.” Hearing this conversation irked me a bit, so of course I was hoping that we would beat this team.

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Tournament Time


Today was the first game of our first tournament. The sports complex was beautiful. All the fields were well kept. The only complaint I had is that the field really has no good vantage point for spectators. On one side you had the sun in your eyes the entire time. On the other side, you felt so far away from the field and the fencing was very obstructive.

Some friends of ours stopped by the field to support Carter but between catching up with them and the sun I was having a hard time paying attention to the game. I wanted to make sure I was chatting with our friends and still chatting with other baseball parents. I always feel like I’m not doing a good job on balancing things like that.

As the end of the game grew closer I was a bit worried our friends were going to get thrown out of the game, I will admit some of the umpire’s calls were a bit questionable, but our friends felt  voicing their opinions were necessary.  I guess I’m more of a bystander vs. someone that gets involved with questionable calls because I didn’t participate in the banter and quickly walked away from the group.  All ended well, we won the game and no one was asked to leave.  Game 2 of the tournament tomorrow!